My Goals

This will be my very own blog. I will be sharing my stories about real sexcapades, but I also hope to vent about my feelings on this page. Just hang tight and hopefully we can get somewhere.


A Man After My Own Heart

So, ladies and gentlemen, I have done it again. I found a diamond in the rough. This story is going to be a good one, granted I write it deliciously. I’m writing this right after the magic so that I don’t forget, and I am still riding on my high. Alrighty then, strap in for a ride.


If I am going to be completely honest and fair with you, I didn’t expect anything to come from this. This guy just seemed too rude for my taste. He said he was just being honest, which he was, in truth. Still didn’t mean that I liked it. We had been talking for most of the week. We would just get on the phone and talk for hours. I felt really comfortable around him. He could be so charming at times. He would just come out with a “You’re so cute.” But it was so unexpected because you never hear that from him. Which only made me enjoy it that much more. Maybe I am being way too sentimental. I don’t know honestly. Who can really trust their own feelings?


I didn’t think I would like him much because he’s not really the kind of guy that I usually pursue. He’s not super tall or built. But I think that just makes him all the better. He’s a real guy. His hair is so cute and wavy. I love running my hands through it. He’s got a dad bod. He’s super dorky but tries to hide it at times. He’s into sports and fishing. He’s real outdoorsy, but at the same time, he’s a giant nerd. What makes it more interesting is that we are into the same things. We both really enjoy computers. The hardware, software, and video games. He’s a networking nerd. Granted, he’s way better at it than I am. Which, in my opinion, makes him way sexier. He’s an average Joe Blow and I love it.


Now on to the most important part. What you have all been waiting so patiently for. The sex. I can’t even begin to put this into words. I went over to his place that night to hangout. Obviously, we both really knew why I was coming over. We were both eager for this night. He left work early just so that we could have more time together. We had been talking about seeing one another for a while now. He heard that I had never had an orgasm before, but he made it his mission to try as hard as he could to give me one. It all started while watching ‘Pawn Stars’ on his couch. I had my head resting in his lap and he was playing with my hair. I know right? Swoon. I made the first move because I couldn’t wait. So, I sat up and turned around to start kissing him. His kissing wasn’t amazing, but I knew we could work on that. It was a mix between sweet, but then way too much tongue. One of his hands found its way under my shirt to pull one of my cups away from my breast. That’s when his mouth found my nipple. I moaned loudly into his ear. My whole body was on fire. It felt like there was a river running in between my legs. I could feel the eagerness in his body. He wanted me as badly as I wanted him. I started to unbutton my shirt and he watched my every move very closely. Once I had my top and my bra off, his hands found their way to my chest to start squeezing my breasts. I had to warn him that he was squeezing too hard. He quickly softened up. His hands slid down to start sliding my pants off, and I quickly helped him.


That’s when he pushed my back onto the couch. He climbed over me to lay soft kisses all over my neck and chest. I can say that I was in heaven. I knew it was about to get hot when he started to kiss lower down my body. His mouth found its way past my breasts, then down my stomach, and over my belly button. His lips started grazing the insides of my thighs. My inner belly was alive with burning flames that were threatening to engulf me. I wanted to give in so badly and I did whenever his tongue first touched my clit. I couldn’t help it. I screamed. It was amazing. He knew exactly how to taste me. His tongue was swirling around my clitoris. Then he pulled away to blow on it. (Where the fuck was this man my whole life?) He quickly laid his tongue back onto my hot, wet pussy. I was dying. I couldn’t think. All I could do was raise my hips to his face. I really didn’t want him to stop. But he did for a second so that he could slip two fingers inside of my pussy. He twisted them around and pushed deep inside of me. Oh my. Guys, I was in heaven. All I could do was keep screaming. I was able to let out a breathy moan of his name. He locked eyes with me but never took his tongue off my clit or pulled his fingers out. (I knew that I needed to keep this man around right in that instant). He just kept tasting me and wouldn’t stop. I guess he thought I was delicious. He was eating my pussy like it was his last meal. I was not complaining. Time just kept passing and he just kept licking and sucking and kissing. I didn’t want to ever leave this spot. But I needed him inside of me. So, we got up and took the party to his bedroom. I will say that I had a hard time making it to his bedroom because his hands came to wrap around me from behind and I just wanted to stop right there and let him take me. My vision was blurry, and I felt high from the pleasure. My receptors were firing off like crazy. I knew that I had to make it to the bedroom. I wanted to see what was in store for me there.


When we got there, I laid down on his bed. He crawled on top of me and started sucking on my nipples. His fingertips slid down my stomach and found their way to my clit. He was rubbing softly. I pulled a pillow over my face to muffle my screams. He used that moment to slide inside of me. My body lit up and responded to his. My back arched, trying to press myself closely against him. He started fucking me. Hard. I could barely breathe. All I could do was moan. I couldn’t form any words. He leaned back and lifted my legs, so he could shove his cock deeper into my pussy. I could feel myself tightening around him. I didn’t want him to stop. It just felt so good. He was a drug and I was hooked. He flipped me over onto my stomach and pulled me up onto my knees. Just as I thought he was about to push inside of me again, I felt his hot mouth touch my pussy. At this point, I was shaking from pleasure. The way that his tongue slid across my clit and down my pussy had me clenching the bed sheets in my fists. I couldn’t get enough. He quickly pushed himself back inside of me. He was hitting spots that haven’t ever been hit properly. I could feel his pace quickening. I knew what was coming.


He leaned down and started kissing my back. “Bite me,” I muttered. He did. Shit. I love being bitten on my back. So that just made my pleasure centers turn up to 10. With every bite, my screams were louder. My back was arching to meet his mouth. He’s great at following orders. He’s just eager to please. Amazing. Every kiss felt like he was leaving little fires spread along my back. His mouth was the perfect amount of heat and moisture. His teeth grazing my skin was insane. I didn’t know how much more I could take. My whole body was weak and shaking. I think my screams and tightening pussy pushed him over the edge. He came deep inside of me. I could feel his hot seed filling me up. I couldn’t move. I stayed on my knees in that position, just shaking. Everything just felt so good. I was glowing. Now, I know I have never had an orgasm, but that was the closest that I have ever been to having one. “Are you okay?” He asked when I didn’t move. “Yeah.” That’s all I could get out.


Now, obviously that wasn’t the only time he pleasured me that night. He was a real gentleman. He made sure that I had my fill before I left. I’m sure it wasn’t easy on his part to keep up with my sex drive. He also bent me over his couch and ate my pussy, which was fucking delicious. He also played his guitar for me later that night. Which I’m not sure if he does it for every girl, but I sure appreciated it. He was really good. I was thoroughly impressed with him. He’s a man after my own heart (maybe). I just wanted to write this to say it wasn’t all about the sex. I know that’s what I mainly focused on, but I just wanted to touch base on another topic. He’s a great guy. I do like him. I want to keep seeing him. Honestly, who knows what the future holds. Maybe we never speak again. Maybe the fucking obstacles of life keep us away. I can’t say what will happen. I know that he made me feel good. But not just physically (even though he did that well). He also made me feel good about myself. Like I was worth something. That’s the best thing you can do. Just make a girl love herself and you’ve got her completely.


I hope you guys enjoyed this one. I know that I sure as hell did. Even writing it had my lower body on fire. I hope I see him again. Maybe I could write a story about the same guy twice. Who knows?

Breaking Point

You can ever just feel yourself fading? It’s not moving at a fast pace either. You are just slowly losing yourself again. Just when you thought that you were okay. Things just keep falling apart one by one. Every time something happens, you just lose yourself. Piece by piece, your heart breaks all over again. After my ex and I separated, I started to build myself back up. Which it worked for a while. I felt confident and I was happy. But all over again, I feel like I am being used for my best. I am giving it my all and receiving very little in return. What makes a person break? When and where is the final line drawn? When you can’t handle it anymore? When you just decide to give up? I hope I never have to find out.

Going Ghost

Sorry I haven’t been writing lately. I may have lost my fire and my urge to write. It could be the depression welling up. But I’m going to give it my best. Well today I learned that it is super easy to get ghosted. You ever just click with someone immediately? All you want to do is talk all day? You can’t seem to help your hostile nature. I wanted this guy more than anything. In my head, he was perfect. In bed, he was not. I’ve got a story for you, but it is going to be short.


I don’t know what I was thinking. I didn’t want to fuck him, but at the same time, I really did. So that morning, I did. I made the first move. By that, I mean, I put my tits in his face to basically spell out what I wanted. Now he had me excited with all the shit he was talking about how good he was going to fuck me. Boy was he a god damned liar. First off, his kissing wasn’t half bad till he stuck his tongue all the way into my mouth and I couldn’t do anything but wait till he pulled it out. It felt nasty. Then he started kissing his way down my chest. I thought to myself, ‘Yes this is getting good.’ But I was so wrong. His face was in between my thighs and he started aggressively just pushing his mouth against my clit. He didn’t even use his tongue. I didn’t know what he was expecting that to do to me. But it was painful. He then proceeded to slam his fingers into my pussy. It hurt so bad. I pulled him up to eye level, hoping that he could do better with his penis. Guess what? He couldn’t. He put it in quickly. Now, I don’t know if it’s just me, but that didn’t feel good either. It hurt but at the same time, I couldn’t really feel him inside of me. I think I was just so turned off that I just dried up. I just wanted it to be over. I rode it out until he finished on my stomach. I hated that.


Now it doesn’t change the fact that I still liked him a lot. I didn’t mind the thought that I would have to teach him a few things. Or many things. He was funny, and he was my type. I thought this was going somewhere until I never heard from him. Not that day or the next. He never spoke to me. I didn’t understand why. It went so well. I guess it’s easy to just leave someone hanging. Screw their feelings, right? I guess I am just so angry and that’s why I am writing this to you. So, watch out. Turns out you can be an asshole and suck in bed.

What is wrong with me?

What did he do to me?

I can’t focus on anything.

I can’t even sit next to him without having flashbacks of that night.

My body ignites at his presence.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

I don’t want to feel this way anymore.

He is just some boy.

He’s not even older than me!

This is so stupid.

Help me.

I can do this.

I can move on.

I don’t even care.

Don’t just assume that I love him.

That isn’t even remotely close to the truth.

He made me feel good about myself and he is untouchable.

That’s why I crave him so much.

He’s like the forbidden fruit.

I will find someone else.

I’m only human.

He chose me.


Booty Call

Did you ever know that something was wrong, but you couldn’t help but do it anyways? You don’t know if you’re built to be self-destructive or you just want to hurt yourself. I did something wrong. I don’t feel bad for it though. I enjoyed it way too much. I enjoyed him way too much. The way he made me feel. Maybe it was the thrill of being caught, but it was amazing. His lips felt like fire against mine. His hand brushing my cheek, it made my inner self feel alive again. His breath against my face. His body being so close to mine was electrifying and I wanted that spark between us to ignite. I wanted him. I wanted everything, and I took it. I made the mistake of having sex with him. I guess it takes two to tango, so we are both in the wrong. I still rode him in the backseat of his car. What’s wrong with me? I don’t know. You tell me. Before anyone judges me harshly, just know that I accept the fact that it was wrong, but it was too good, and I would do it again if I was given the chance.

I can’t tell you what it is about this boy. But he made me feel good. His hair is short and blond, but that’s not what you’ll notice first about him. He’s got amazing smile. This is the kind of smile that can light up a room. If you have been feeling bad then this guy can make you feel better. He has a beautiful heart and an even nicer body. He’s skinny but built where it matters. I’ve been with plenty of guys to know that they aren’t all the same and some guys just have the gift of pleasure. From the moment I climbed into his car, he was nervous, and I could see that he had mixed feelings about it. I knew what I wanted and what I came for. We talked for like 2 hours. Just laughing and having a great time. He is a friend of mine. Or at least I hope he still is. I was ready to break the tension. So, I went ahead and made the first move. I wrapped one hand around the back of his neck and I kissed him. I didn’t know what to expect, but I surely didn’t think he would be such a good kisser. His mouth moved perfectly against mine. His tongue rubbing against my lips, asking for permission. I granted it and met his tongue with mine. His hand came up to my face. When I leaned back, I was breathless, and I could feel a fire in between my legs. His face was close to mine and he whispered, “You smell good.” This just made me want him more. He enjoyed my scent which was a good sign. I was appealing to him. He was still nervous. So, we talked for a little bit longer. I was mid-sentence (I guess he was giving himself a pep talk) and he leaned forward and kissed me passionately. My lips were swollen when we separated, and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. He told me that I had an amazing smile and I couldn’t help but smile bigger. I felt good about myself. He offered to move the party to the backseat and I accepted.

In the backseat, I kissed him again. It never stopped being so satisfying. The way his lips felt against mine was amazing. His lips were soft and yet the right amount of rough. I never wanted to stop kissing him. He started kissing down my neck and everywhere his lips grazed, my body was on fire. His mouth found its way down to my chest and he started pulling my shirt down. When his mouth found my nipple, I couldn’t think anymore. My mind went blank. His tongue swirled around my nipple and his teeth grabbed ahold of it. I didn’t want to be anywhere else but here. I wanted to live in this moment, with his hot, wet mouth on my nipple and my arms around his neck. I threw my head back and moaned loudly. My hands were running through his hair. My pants were already unbuttoned, so I started to slide them down. He pulled away and said that I had to make the next move. I thought it was clear what I wanted when I pulled my pants down. So, I brought my legs up to rest in his lap and we started talking a bit more.

I pulled my legs off him and sat back in the seat. I started rubbing my clit in front of him. I wanted to tease him a bit more. I couldn’t hold out long, so I asked him to take over. His hand immediately found my hot, wet slit and started rubbing. I started licking his ear. My tongue was following the curve of his outer lobe and when I reached the top, I grabbed on with my teeth and pulled gently. His groaning confirmed that he was thoroughly enjoying himself. I stopped him and looked at his face. I was enjoying being so close to his body. The way he was looking at me. I knew he wanted me. Did he know how badly I wanted him? He had to. I was making it so obvious. We couldn’t stop kissing one another. The kisses were rough and then they were soft. It was a mixture of sensations. His tongue would find mine and our breaths would combine. I couldn’t tell if he was breathing for me or if I was breathing for him. We pulled away panting and kept looking at one another.

I knew I needed to break the tension again. I could feel him losing his resolve, so I unbuttoned his pants and grabbed his cock. It was much bigger than I was expecting it to be. His cock started off thin and then got thicker towards the tip. I don’t know what was going on in my head, but I knew that I wanted to make him feel amazing. So, I slid my tongue over the head of his dick. I was giving him a little insight of what I was about to do. He wasn’t expecting that, and he let out a surprised groan. He was trying to talk to me, but I told him to shut up and just enjoy it. I was prone to changing my mind because I normally don’t suck dick, but I wanted to do it for him. I started by teasing him and just sucking on the head. I slid my tongue up and down his shaft and then pulled on the tip with my lips. I began taking his cock deeper into my mouth. I couldn’t go all the way down because his cock was too big. I sped up and kept sucking his cock faster. I could tell that he was really enjoying it by the noises he was making. They included some breathy, ‘Oh my gods’ and some ‘yes babys’. After a few minutes of that, he stopped me. He said that if I kept going that he would cum in my mouth. He knows that I don’t like to swallow, so I was grateful that he told me, plus I really wanted to fuck him. He pulled his pants down more and I climbed into his lap.

I grabbed his cock and held it straight up and put the tip at my pussy. I rested my forehead against his, letting our breaths mix together. I started to slowly slide down onto his large dick. I began bouncing up and down as fast as I could. The feeling was so good and I wanted to ride him all night.  He was looking directly into my eyes. I put my hands onto his face and kissed him deeply. I kept riding him, I was gaining speed, his hands were on my hips, and I lowered my head to put it next to his. I would tighten up on his cock inside of me, squeezing as I rode him. I couldn’t stop looking at him while this was happening. I wanted to take in every feature. His smile and his dorky laugh. The way he looked at me with longing and lust. Right there, in that moment, I wanted him to cum inside of me and I wanted to make him feel good. I could feel him getting close. He was panting harder and holding onto me tighter. He looked at me and said, “I’m going to cum inside of you.” I don’t know if he was asking for permission or not, but I have him a breathy, “Yes,” anyways. I wasn’t ready to stop, but I knew he couldn’t hold out any longer. When he came, it was like he was letting it all go. His stress and anxiety was all coming out. He filled me up with his hot seed. He was bound to finish quick after the way that I sucked his cock. I sat there for a few moments, panting. I slid off and he cleaned himself off with a towel. I pulled my pants back on. I was upset that it ended so quickly, but I knew after that, he would want me again. I knew that this is the kind of man that makes it up to you later one. He wouldn’t leave me hanging for long and I wouldn’t leave him hanging either. After all my clothes were back on, we moved back to the front seat to talk again. It was nice being able to relax and talk to him.

Now I know you’re all wondering why it was so wrong. Well ladies and gentlemen, he is married. That’s right. I’m a dirty adulteress. I accept the fact that it is wrong, and I am sorry. But to be honest with you, I won’t say no if he wants to do it again. It was amazing.

Hot For Teacher

This is a story that I wrote for someone, so it is completely fictional and the name is a fake one. But I wanted to share it with people because I think it’s pretty well written. Thanks. (;

It’s another day of work. Sometimes you question your decision to become a band teacher. You have always loved it, but sometimes the kids just make you want to leave and never look back. But you suck it up and step out of your car and head to the school. You walk into your office, ready to start the day off. You’re tired from the long night that you had and you’re ready for this day to be over. You would rather be anywhere but here. You noticed that your door was unlocked but you didn’t question it. You step in and start dropping your belongings off around your office. You don’t even notice the student sitting in your chair until she coughs. Your head snaps up to see one of your female students sitting in your chair. She’s got her legs propped up on your desk, giving you full view of everything under her skirt. You know its wrong, but you can’t stop staring. She’s not wearing panties giving you a full view of her little cunt. Its freshly shaved and you can see that its already moist. That’s when you tear your eyes away and blush. You shouldn’t be thinking this way of one of your students. She noticed your staring, untucked her shirt, and lifted her skirt up a bit. She was baiting you. You had to stay strong. You didn’t want to lose your job nor did you want to hurt this girl. You are much older than her and she doesn’t know what she’s doing yet.


“I need to talk to you about ways I can pull my grade up Mr. Marks,” she said in a voice dripping with lust and seduction. You step up to her and she gets out of your chair. You sit down, “Um, yes. Your grades are very low and I have a few ideas about some make-up work.” You let out a nervous laugh, trying to ease your awkwardness. You didn’t know why she continued to stand so close. She didn’t move away nor did she make any indication of moving. Instead, she gets down on her knees in front of you and starts unzipping your pants. You know it’s wrong but you can’t stop her. She’s just so damn sexy. You tilt your head back, annoyed with yourself that you won’t stop her, but also ready to be pleasured. Your cock pops out of your pants quickly. It didn’t take long for you to get hard. You have been without sex for a while and this little bitch was too hot to resist.


Her little mouth covers the head of your cock. You can feel her tongue swirling around the tip. Her mouth is just so hot and wet. You are really hoping her cunt feels the same way.  You put your hands on the back of her head, applying pressure so she knows to go down farther. She does and her mouth swallows your cock whole.  The tip of the head of your cock is touching the back of her throat. She brushes her teeth over your head very softly and you feel your cock twitch in response. That’s when she immediately takes your cock back into her mouth. You can’t believe how much of your dick is in her mouth right now. Her moans only make your dick harder. She lifts her mouth off of your cock and then sucks one of your balls into her mouth. You can’t believe it. It’s the best pleasure of your life. You start moaning, trying to keep it down so as to not be caught. Her tongue starts to slide up and down your throbbing shaft, as she looks up to look deep into your eyes. You can’t look away. You are captivated by her dark brown pools of lust and arousal.


There’s a knock at the door and that’s when you are torn from her gaze. Your head snaps up to stare at the door and you begin to consider all of your options. That’s when you begin to panic. She just smiles and slides under your desk but continues to suck on your cock. You can see that she has no intention of stopping. You cough out a rough, “Come in.” It’s another student. He just wanted to pick up his papers. Your knee bangs the desk as she makes a loud sucking noise while pulling on your head with her lips. Under any other circumstances that would have been the hottest thing ever but you couldn’t enjoy it with this young man standing in front of you. You hand the papers to him quickly and ask him to come back later. He looks confused but walks out of your office. As soon as the door is closed, you grab this sweet little mistress out from under your desk and lift her to sit on top of it. You lift her skirt up to reveal that hot little cunt of hers. She leans back and lifts her legs. You lick your lips, already imagining the taste of her sweet puss. The smell of her juices is really making your inner beast stir. You can’t hide how aroused you are. A growl arises from the back of your throat, ready to dive into her moist cavern. That’s when you lean down and grab her thighs roughly, shoving your face into her pussy lips. Your tongue darts out to get a little taste of her. She tastes so sweet that it’s making your mouth water for more. That’s when you can hear her breaths start to come out in little gasps. That only makes you want her more. You suck on two of your fingers before quickly shoving them deep inside of her. You can feel how tight she is and your fingers are enjoying how moist she is. She’s squirming around on top of your desk, which is sending papers flying. “Keep still,” you gruffly demand. You can’t eat her properly if she keeps squirming and you want to taste every bit of her pussy. You get a tighter hold on her thighs, so tight that there will probably be marks there in the morning. After circling her little slit for a bit, you suck her clit into your mouth. That sends her into a flurry of shakes and moans. “Fuck me, Mr. Marks,” she begs. You can’t help but to comply.


That’s when you stand up and see that her shirt has come off revealing her large, perky breasts. You take one hand and reach for one. Her nipples are already hard from how cold you keep your office. You thank the gods that you like it so cold. You can’t help but to lean down and take one into your mouth. She puts her hands into your hair and pushes your mouth harder onto her sweet tit. That pushes you over the edge and you start to bit and pull harder on that nice little nipple of hers.  She’s moaning even louder. You’re past the point of caring. So, you position your hips in between hers with your cock rising to the occasion. Your cock is already throbbing when you slowly push the tip against her to spread her lips open. She wraps her legs around you to pull your body closer to hers. That’s when you just thrust your cock into her. “God your pussy is so tight,” you moan. It’s true. Her little pussy is squeezing your hard cock. You can feel how wet she is, so wet, that she is literally dripping. She must have been wet all morning. Your cock is throbbing inside of her and that just causes her pussy to keep squeezing your cock. She’s so wet that you can feel it all over your crotch. That’s when you start fucking her as hard as you can. You can’t get enough of her pussy and just keep giving it to her. You’re pounding that little cunt of hers. You don’t want her to easily walk away from this. You want her to remember you. This little bitch will be back for you cock. You know that. You would love to see her big ass in the air and having your balls slap against it. That’s when you pull out and flip her over so that she is bent over your desk with her ass in the air. You can’t help but to think of how hot she looks in this position. It makes you feel so large, having her little cunt open and ready for you to take.


You spread her cheeks and slide your cock back into her pussy. You grab a fistful of her hair and start fucking her again and now your balls are slapping against her large ass. It’s as good as you thought it would be. She looks to fucking sexy with her body being bent over your desk. You love to dominate this little vixen. You can feel her start to shake and her pussy clenches against your cock. Your cock is instantly covered and you know she has orgasmed. That pushes you over the edge, so you shove your cock in deep and shoot your hot load inside of her, all while listening to her moans of pleasure. When you’re finished, you nudge her legs open with your feet. Then you crouch down so that your face is even with her pussy and then you start licking her again. It tastes even better having your cum inside of her. You know that you have claimed her as yours. You feel it’s polite to clean up the mess you made and switching between sucking on her clit and sticking your tongue deep inside of her. After the mess is clean, you decide to start licking around the edges of her tight little asshole. She squirms under the pressure, but you hold her in place.  Licking all around the edges, you slide two fingers into her pussy to relax her. That’s when her moans pick back up and you get a little more aggressive with licking her ass. You pull your fingers out and lick them clean and stand up straight. You lift her up so she’s facing you and kiss her, so that she can taste herself on your mouth.


You can see her legs are shaking as she crouches down to clean up the mess she made around your cock. Her mouth sliding up and down your shaft to clean up all of the combined juices from you two. You can’t help but get slightly aroused again at the sight of her mouth on your shaft. Once she is finished with that, she pulls off with a loud smack. She stands up and licks her lips all while smirking at the deep breaths that you are taking. “Why?” you ask her. That’s when she licks up your neck, to your ear, and says in the sexiest voice ever “I’m hot for teacher.” She turns around and walks out of your office to begin her day as a student. You can’t believe what you’ve just done as you button up your pants, but you can’t wait for it to happen again.

You’re Welcome

This won’t be much of a story. I just wanted to mention something that happened to me before. It’s kind of crazy, but it is funny.

There was this guy that I had class with before, his name will be T. He was tall and had short brown hair. He was adorable. His eyes were so blue that I could swim in them. He was a virgin. There wasn’t anything wrong with him. He just never really tried to sleep with a girl before. He was a bit awkward. He didn’t know how to talk to them, nor did he know what to do when he was with one. So, he was trying to convince me to sleep with him for the longest time. Well the semester was winding down and coming to an end. I didn’t know if I really wanted to. He was a pretty good friend of mine and I didn’t want to sabotage it. Well he came back to my dorm room for some homework that I had done and afterwards, he needed a ride back to his truck. When I dropped him off at his truck, he asked me to get in and talk to him for a bit. Boy he was trying really hard. So, I told him that I would suck his dick and that would be all. So he agreed and unbuttoned his pants and pulled his cock out. I was surprised. It was definitely bigger than I was expecting.

I started off slow by licking the head of his cock. I kissed it gently and flicked out at it with my tongue. I wanted to tease him. This was his first blowjob of course. So, why not have some fun with it? He was quiet. I took it as he was enjoying himself too much to say or do anything. I took his cock into my hands and started to lower my mouth onto it. It was sucking the head with every bob of my head. My spit was covering his shaft. I was swallowing his cock to the back of my throat. It was so deep down my throat that I gagged a bit. That’s when he stopped me.

This is where it got weird. He didn’t want me to keep going. He told me that he wasn’t enjoying it. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. So I tried again, sucking harder and moaning his name. He stopped me again. He said he didn’t like it and wanted to stop completely. I was so confused as to why he stopped me. I got out of his truck and went back to my dorm room. Well two days later, he texted me and said that it wasn’t my fault. He told me he found out that he didn’t like girls and could only get off to a guy sucking his dick. So, I guess I helped him find out he was gay. Maybe that’s a bad thing, but I thought it was hilarious. I guess I did him a favor.